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Candid Photos Of The Royal Children You Might've Missed

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The Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images Europe
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We watch the royal children pretty closely around here and have discovered plenty of the royal kid's cutest moments go relatively unnoticed in the sea of photos taken of them. This is often because a few shots become the press favorites, even though there are hundreds of others to choose from. Accordingly, we've compiled a collection of candid photos you may not have seen of the royal children. Whether you missed these pictures because they weren't in the news or because it's hard to keep up, we've gathered the cutest photos here for you to view.

Truthfully, we love these pictures best because they capture the personalities and moods of the kids better than the ones where they're smiling perfectly for the camera. After all, childhood is messy and real — just like these photos of the royal children demonstrate. And, we also snuck a few awesome smiles in, but only the genuine kind created by pure childhood joy. From candid sneezes to noses smashed against airplane windows, the following pictures are childhood defined, showing how normal (and totally cute!) these royal children really are.

Let's take a look at Archie, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Princess Eugenie's new baby in all their cutest and most relatable candid moments!