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Gadgets (And Gear) That Actually Make Parenting Easier

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I'm not a gadget person. In fact, since becoming a parent, I'm even more of a luddite than I used to be. Trying to figure out apps or software updates or syncing anything is beyond my limited and sleep-deprived capacity. But in a couple years of parenting, I've found that certain simple gadgets do actually give me time, energy and peace of mind back. And they can make all the difference. 

Whether it's a baby shusher that keeps your baby asleep longer or the Amazon Echo that plays audio books while I fold laundry, technology has definitely brought more time to a parent's life. And, you don't have to be particularly tech-savvy to get these gadgets to streamline your life — if I can make these work, you absolutely can, too. 

My goal, at the end of the day, is to have spent the most time having quality time with my kids, and these gadgets are designed to maximize that time we can spend together as a family, from cutting down on sweeping to checking the baby's temperature with the click of a button. If you're feeling like you need a little extra help, start with a handful of these gadgets.