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Hacks For Room Sharing With Baby From A Veteran Mom

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We all love drooling over photos of posh nurseries. Those calming colors, cool linens and textures look soothing enough to lull even us to sleep. The reality is that once those spaces are filled with the darling babies that they were designed for, all that will matter is functionality. And usually, the most functional space for a new baby is within his parents' reach.

Sharing your bedroom with your baby makes sense for many reasons. The around the clock care and feeding of a newborn is made easier by having your precious babe within arms reach (which may soothe your nerves, too). When you're newly postpartum and still healing, you'll appreciate not having to walk down the hall several times a night. 

In some cases, room sharing is less about convenience and more out of necessity. You may have older children in your spare rooms whose sleep you're trying to preserve. Or perhaps you're just in a small space for now. 

Whatever your reasoning, room sharing can work beautifully with a bit of planning. Babies need far less than we are often led to believe, especially in the beginning. With some conscientious purchasing and an investment of time in organizing, you can have a lovely space that will be functional for adults and a new little one.