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How To Prepare For A More Natural Childbirth

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Any way you birth a baby is a success in our book. Nonetheless, some of us are hopeful for fewer (or no) interventions. And, while this is a completely personal choice, it can still feel like a contentious one in this world of so-called mom wars where even the term "natural childbirth" may spark a debate.

The good news, barring unforeseen complications, you get to decide how to birth your baby. And, having done it once before, I can tell you, if I can do it without an epidural, you can, too. The most important part is wanting it. The second is preparing yourself.

Now, as I get ready to do it again, I'm inviting you along as I revisit the most helpful secrets for a more natural childbirth. While I can't promise everything will go smoothly, (I cried when I found out I had to be induced!), I can encourage you to trust your own strength.

And, if you decide you still want that epidural, I get it. Trust me. You've got this, mama, no matter how you and your body choose to make it happen.