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How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

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If you’re picturing sitting your child down and having THE TALK, then you and I need to have a chat first. That iconic moment we’ve seen played out in movies over and over where parents awkwardly reveal the facts of life to their child? Yeah, it is outdated and unnecessarily traumatizing to all parties involved.

The more you talk about sex, the better. I’m not talking about explicit details here, just the facts. Normalizing talk about our bodies, reproduction, and safety makes it a part of life and not a taboo subject reserved for whispers and innuendos.

Don’t wait to bring it up, either. If you start early with frank talk about health and sex, your child will hear it from you first instead of more unreliable sources (namely, their peers). Knowledge is power and you can save your kid from misinformation by arming them from the get-go.

But where to start? We highly recommend the book, More Than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex as a guide for parents. We also have some ideas to help you get going. Just remember to keep talking and don’t make it a one-time special event to discuss sex. You can thank us later.