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Daring Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Moms

Michelle Kennedy
Age: 35
Current City: London, England
Children: Finlay, age 4
Entrepreneurial pursuit: Founder of Peanut, the free app (iOS & Android) that connects like-minded women who are mothers. Recognizing the need for real-life connections between women at similar life stages who share common interests and location, Peanut is designed to give women a network. Peanut views motherhood as an adventure in the life of a woman; the best chapter in her book, but not the only one.

How was Peanut born?

Michelle Kennedy: I was the first of my friends to have children, so while I was up breastfeeding, they were out on the town. It was was hard to admit, but I was feeling isolated. When I was out on maternity leave with my son, I found myself scrolling through blogs at 2 am looking for baby advice, and also longing for someone to talk to during those late night feedings. The problem was, everything I saw reverted to anonymous web forums and blogs with condescending language that made me feel like the only identity I had now was “mommy.” Having worked in the dating app industry as Deputy CEO of Badoo, and also helping to launch Bumble, I realized there had to be a way to take what I’d learned about using algorithms and connecting people, and apply it to motherhood, and that was the start of Peanut. I was fed up with products that forgot about the woman behind the mom, and though it was hard to admit, as the only one of my friends with a baby, I was feeling isolated. So, I set out to solve these commonly overlooked issues and to bring women together IRL.