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Jobs That Pair Well With Motherhood

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Today in the U.S., about 7 in 10 moms with children under 18 are in the labor force, according to Pew Research. With so many moms working, whether they want to or they need to, it's welcome news that there are so many great jobs available today that work well with parenting young children. 

Some moms seek steady hours, while others need optimum flexibility. Some want to tap into an area of expertise totally removed from children, while others want to embrace and apply those mom skills at work. Whatever you desire, there's an abundance of great jobs for moms out there, according to Life Hack, and The Balance Careers

Read on for some of the awesome careers you can build while also being the best possible mom you can be. And, remember, it's really never too late to study and start something new. Just ask around. Plenty of moms make it happen.