If You're Curious About Your Future Fertility, This Is The Home Test You Need

Modern Fertility offers women a snapshot of their fertility hormones from home.

Modern Fertility puts useful fertility test results directly into your hands.
Modern Fertility puts useful fertility test results directly into your hands.

Like a lot of women, the decision to have (more) children isn't clear cut. While I was certain I was done having babies when my youngest was only a year old, time has a funny way of erasing our memories. All those sleepless nights, diapers, non-stop breastfeeding sessions, and no time to myself have faded. Where once I said I would never do it again, I've eased into a phase of uncertainty. Still, in this moment, I'm not ready to have another baby — and at almost 37 years old, my fertility window isn't doing me any favors.

So, when I had the opportunity to take a Modern Fertility home test, I couldn't pass it up. Not only was I curious about my remaining egg reserves and my menopause outlook, I also have been wondering if my hormone levels are off since my second child was born more than three years ago. With pesky insomnia plaguing me despite various other tests at the doctor's office, I've been curious if maybe a hormonal imbalance was the cause.

Modern Fertility looks at your fertility hormones with a blood sample you send in. While it might sound intimidating to take your blood from home, it actually only requires a very easy (and virtually painless) finger prick — or, if you'd rather, you can have your blood drawn at a lab. The results come back in about a week and everything is broken down into easy to understand language with the option to talk with a fertility nurse 1:1 if you have questions. And, for just $159, this is a much less expensive option than heading straight to your local fertility clinic.

What did I discover you might ask?

In my case, the results were really eye opening. While most of my hormone levels looked good, my egg reserves appear a little low — which combined with my age means I should probably make a decision about a third child relatively soon, (although, they point out that all it takes is one good egg to make a baby, which is also true!).

While I feel better informed with the data I received, I don't feel freaked out. After all, I'm leaning towards not having another child, anyway. And, I know I'm lucky to already have two beautiful, healthy children. If a third is in our future, we'll hopefully feel confident in making that decision soon. If not, it's nice to know we thought ahead and looked at the full picture. Moreover, now if I encounter friends wondering about their future fertility, I'll know where to send them.

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