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Vintage Kardashian-Jenner Photos You Have To See

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of those families that is constantly in the news or dominating headlines. They are one of the most powerful families in Hollywood, and are renowned for their fashion, lifestyle, and entrepreneur savviness. They're all very active on social media, and constantly post behind-the-scene glimpses of their lavish lives. Kylie seems to always be flying on private jets, Kendall is whisked away to gorgeous locales for photo shoots, Kim plays an urban ranch-hand on her land in Wyoming, Kourtney is constantly on beach getaways with her family, and Khloe is always hanging out in her luxurious pool.

It seems like we always know every little detail about the family's life because they share every moment of it. But there are still some rarely-seen vintage photos of the Kardashian-Jenners, which only come out during birthdays or holidays. These are the photos found in their family albums, and they span from the '60s up to the early 2000s. They show Kris as a newlywed and a new mom, then follow her first four kids into their tween years, and eventually show the addition of her two youngest daughters.

Ahead are rarely seen photos of the Kardashian-Jenners. They're all so vintage and also so nostalgic.