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Real (And Often Humorous) Ways Working Moms CAN Juggle It All

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We try to do it all, but that means sometimes we have to get creative. Transitioning from maternity leave to going back to work, whether it's full or part-time, to the job we used to do or something new, is never seamless.

There are client calls that don't coincide with nap time, slide decks that you prep when your kiddos are sleeping (on you), and a baby that needs to be nursed in the middle of a conference (audio only!) call.

Thank goodness for helpful friends and families, and moms who understand when you text with an SOS asking if anyone happens to be at the store because you just discovered the tortillas that were going to be a crucial part of dinner are moldy.

Ready to laugh, commiserate, and maybe even cry? Let's take a look at the tricks every working mom should have up her sleeve.