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Stunning Dresses For Your Baby Shower

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Baby showers are tricky business when you're the mama-to-be. You want to look lovely and effortless, but most likely, you won't be feeling exactly like yourself at a late stage in your pregnancy. Getting dressed for events like baby showers or special occasions can be tricky enough when you aren't pregnant, but when you are, it can be absolutely daunting. But take a deep breath, because there are so many stunning maternity dresses that are perfect for your baby shower and will help you feel beautiful while you celebrate the new little one about to arrive. 

Realistically, a maternity dress for your baby shower does need to be comfortable enough that you can sit and move and hug your friends and family. You don't want to be so tight or structured that you can't breathe until you unzip it at the end of the day. But that doesn't mean you have to show up in a glorified nightgown. Instead, look for something with a little structure but a lot of give. 

When my sister had her baby shower, (in March in Maine), she couldn't figure out how to wear heels without tipping over, but flats made her feel frumpy. A cute maxi dress would have solved that problem!

This set of stunning dresses for your baby shower should give you some inspiration for your own.