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These Celeb Parents And Their Lookalike Kids Will Make You Do A Double Take

6. Tristan And True Thompson

When Khloé Kardashian shared a photo of True in February 2021, commenters pointed out what they always have ever since True was born: She's the spitting image of her father!

"She has Tristan's WHOLE face! What a cutie pie," one Instagram user commented on the post, to which Khloé replied with, "WHOLE FACE!! LOL like hello..... where am I hehehe."

When someone else called True a "mini Tristan," Khloé agreed, writing, "She really is! It's so funny!"

Yet another person commented, "You and her are twins," and Khloé responded with, "Oh my goodness in my dreams. It's OK I completely have accepted the fact that her and her daddy look so much alike."