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Your Guide To Surviving (And Enjoying) Life As A SAHM

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If you have the ability and desire to be a stay-at-home mom, it's a wonderful gift to give your children. That doesn't mean your kids, or you for that matter, will always see it that way, because while it is rewarding, it is also incredibly challenging.

As a SAHM, you're never "off." Your work day never ends, and it involves constant demands on your physical, mental, and emotional self. It's task heavy with high stakes: you're attempting to raise good humans at the same time you're just trying to stay ahead of the laundry.

It's not all diapers and tantrums, though. There's a lot to love about being a SAHM, and the following tips will help you do more than tread water. You may never enjoy wiping bottoms, but it's completely possible to thrive.